2016 Spring Rally

If you missed Spring Rally this year, then shame on you! Everyone had an absolute blast and will be talking about for it years to come. Here is what happened:

Rockabunny Rumble 5

Rockabunny Rumble never disappoints and this year wasn’t any different! Here are the highlights from the day:

2015 Fall Rally Gallery

Well, Hurricane Joaquin was a dick, but everyone who came out to Suck Bang Blow for Fall Rally had an awesome time. Here are some shots from the weekend! See […]

2015 Spring Rally: The Bartenders

It’s an understatement to say that Suck Bang Blow has the hottest bartenders slinging drinks every year during Rally. Don’t believe us? The proof is in these pictures. Maybe one […]

2015 Spring Rally: Sunny Ledfurd

Ladies and gentlemen…Sunny Ledfurd! The second night of Spring Rally Sunny decided to record a live CD inside the Suck Bang Blow! We can’t wait for the release party this […]

2015 Spring Rally: Highway To Hell

What’s the next best thing to having AC/DC perform live? Our answer to that is HIGHWAY TO HELL! These guys absolutely killed it all 3 times they performed on the […]

2015 Spring Rally: The Vendors

Another huge part of Spring Rally at Suck Bang Blow is the vendors! On top of the food, booze, music and ladies there are plenty of places to spend your […]

2015 Spring Rally: Swamp Candy

Swamp Candy put on 4 kick ass shows during Spring Rally here at SBB. Here are a few shots from their performances:

2015 Spring Rally: Josh Phillips

Josh Phillips is a North Carolina native who always brings his best when he hits the stage at Suck Bang Blow. Here are the shots from his Saturday afternoon performance […]

2015 Spring Rally: Rebel Son

Rebel Son has been an SBB favorite ever since their first performance at our biker bar. Everyone got ‘Drunk as a Skunk’ and enjoyed their 3 performances during Spring Rally. […]

2015 Spring Rally: Fun For Everyone

It’s hard NOT to have a good time while you are at Suck Bang Blow. Mix it thousands of people, hot ass bartenders, a burnout pit and live musical performances […]

2015 Spring Rally: Bad Romeo

Bad Romeo hit the outside stage on Monday night during Spring Rally and absolutely killed it. Everybody loved them. Here are some shots from their performance:

2015 Spring Rally: Burnouts

Smoke ’em if ya got ’em! SBB is known for its legendary Burnout Pit. We had a ton of Burnout Contests during Spring Rally. Here are our favorite shots:

2015 Spring Rally: Motor Billy

We brought Motor Billy to help close out 2015 Spring Rally in style. Here are some shots from their performances:

2015 Spring Rally: Joe Santana’s Kingfish

With 5 performances during Spring Rally, it’s safe to say that Joe Santana’s Kingfish is an SBB favorite. What better band to close out 2015 Bike Week?

2015 Spring Rally: Jasmine Cain

Jasmine Cain has been a favorite of SBB patrons since her first performance with us. Here are some shots of her and her band with her hair in full effect!

2015 Spring Rally: Power Born Rebellion

Power Born Rebellion AKA PBR rocked the Suck Bang Blow main stage 3 times during Spring Rally. Here are a few shots from their performances:

2015 Spring Rally: Beer Belly Contests

Everybody knows about the Burnout Contests at SBB, but have you ever witnessed one of our infamous Beer Belly Contests? In case you missed one during Spring Rally, we’ve got […]

2015 Spring Rally: During The Daytime

Suck Bang Blow is best known for its nightlife, but we still know how to kick ass during the day! Here are a bunch of shots of SBB before it […]

2015 Spring Rally: 64 Megadrive

The guys from 64 Megadrive took the stage twice during Spring Rally and grabbed it by the balls! Here are some shots from their performances:

2015 Spring Rally: The Bikes

Since Spring Rally is all about the bikes, it seemed logical to have an entire photo album for just that! This year, just like every other, y’all brought some extremely […]

2015 Spring Rally: Brooks Paul

The Prince of Rock himself Brooks Paul graced us with his presence with 4 performances at Spring Rally! This little dude has some serious pipes! Here are some shots from […]

2015 Spring Rally: Whiskey Diablo

The people of Suck Bang Blow enjoy Whiskey Diablo so much that we had them rock the main stage on 3 different days during Spring Rally. Here are a few […]

Best Of 2015 Spring Rally

This year’s Spring Rally was absolutely insane! 10 days filled with killer live music, tons of booze and the hottest girls along the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach. Here are […]

Rockabunny Rumble 4: Part Two

Here are some photos from some of our musical guests at Rockabunny Rumble. Thanks to Rebel Son, Motorbilly, The Living Deads, and Swamp Candy for coming out.

Rockabunny Rumble 4: Part One

Rockabunny Rumble 4 at Suck Bang Blow on Saturday April 4, 2015 was bad ass! Thanks to all of our musical guests which included Rebel Son, Motorbilly, The Living Deads, Swamp Candy. Here are […]

Myrtle Beach Fall Rally 2014

No matter where you ended up partying, Fall Rally this year was awesome! The Suck Bang Blow lot was filled with sick custom bikes, bands, contests, events, and amazing people […]

Myrtle Beach Fall Bike Rally 2013

Thousands of bikers flock to Myrtle Beach and South Carolina’s Grand Strand every year for Myrtle Beach’s bike weeks. While there has been some trepidation about bike weeks in Myrtle […]

Smoke Out XV

The Smoke Out is about choppers.  It is about builders, from professional builders to those bloody-knuckled guys (and ladies) burning the midnight oil in an unheated shed to build a […]

Suck Bang Blow Myrtle Beach

Suck Bang Blow is a Myrtle Beach biker bar, restaurant and retail clothing store located in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. The Original Suck Bang Blow opened in 1996 and became a known motorcyclist and biker hangout for burnouts, great live music, hot girls, ice cold beer and mixed drinks. The SBB store sells men’s, women’s and children’s t-shirts, hats, helmets, patches, stickers and much more. The SBB restaurant offers delicious appetizers, entrees and desserts like chicken wings, burgers and other fried happy hour food. Live music consists of country music, metal, rock and roll, and pretty much every other genre.


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