THE JUDGE’S COMMENTS! via The Walk of Shame Fall 2014

The Judges Comments

Each year I read through these hilarious comments that the judges leave, and every year I tell myself I’m going to post them to Facebook or whatever. This year, Thanks to 3 Ring Focus we have an awesome website and I can share with you guys just how much fun we have. Ladies please don’t take offense it’s all in good fun, you were drunk and so were the judges; chances are YOU GOT THE JOB! OR chances are you completely bombed it. I can say a few of you most certainly did… BOMB IT! haha! One thing is for sure, you girls rocked that stage!

  • Belly button too big, FIRED….
  • Looks like my older sister…
  • Kinda looks like my mom…
  • That to hot after twenty beers..
  • No nice tits…
  • If you were 29 hell yes, but youre 19 still hot tho
  • WTF!..
  • Opens beer with tits…
  • Not shy…
  • Not shy on the pole…
  • Loves the pole…
  • Too old “yep”
  • Nice fake tits, looks slow or drunk…
  • Hell no!!
  • Doesn’t look like she likes to work…
  • Let it be! let it be! shakes it right! looks right for rally!!!
  • Nice, does not like attention.
  • “The comeback trooper”
  • Ride that pole!..
  • Moves like a champ…
  • I have no opinion on this one…
  • Little fat Teddy said he hit that…
  • We need to replace the carpet on the stage after that…
  • She’s been drinkin…
  • She’s hot but F’ed up!
  • No hair on the clam.
  • Little chunkie, not right for me but lil Teddy might try to hit that…
  • NO F’ing way.
  • Shes hot.
  • Hell yeah.
  • Why are you fully clothed?
  • Hot but had no idea where she was…
  • Work that pole quite nicely…
  • Her $h!t rocked, she was so F’ed up, I think she will crash- nice tits, she’s a yes. Thaaatts Right!!
  • Not really- big ass with a pretty? Not much to choose from with this one.
  • This sucks, I cant staaand no mooore. WHAT THE F@#K!
  • It’s about time a good lookin girl came up, a little shaved, Thaaatts Right!!
  • She can sell beer to a blind man! Thaaatts Right!
  • She rocks.
  • Don’t be stupid.
  • Go ahead Friday this girl is hot, Thaaatts Right!
  • This is an SBB hot bitch!! She can wear out a piece of carpet, give her a pole and she’ll make 20k!! Thaaatts Right!
  • You go grandma!

Take a look at The Walk of Shame video from 2013! You may just see some familiar faces!

– C


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