Hate Mail

Below is some hate mail that we have received over the years on sites such as Trip Advisor and Google. If you don’t like SBB, then go fuck yourself.


“What makes the dude singing for the AC/DC tribute band think it’s ok to sling beer and all over the crowd that went out of their way to come see them? The lead singer talked more than he sang and seemed to spend more time running around the stage pouring whiskey for people than performing. Then when some dude threw beer back at him he got all pissed off. My girlfriend was soaked. Not sure what makes him think it’s acceptable to just say what he wants or do what he wants to the so called fans just because he’s on stage?? Poor excuse for a professional:/”

– Jim Urban

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“Sirs, I was at your SBB in Murrells Inlet, having lunch last week, your cook, Lorri very rude, and I believe very drunk. This is not any way to have help treating customers, I won’t be back…..because of her actions, and her comments. My girl friend was very taken back by her comments.”

– Steve, Virginia

“Don’t know, never been there.” Then gave us ONE star! YAY. 

–  A Dumb Ass

OK, so three of the four of us are bikers so we just had to stop. The guys had just golfed so they were dressed a little preppy. The girls were dressed nice for a day of sightseeing. So obviously everyone in the place looked at us and gave us the once over. We sat up at the bar and ordered drinks from a skinny bartender who was doing shots with a male sitting at the bar. I ordered a vodka chilled neat. She filled a glass with ice and poured a shot of vodka and handed it to me. I asked her to just pour the vodka in another glass but not the ice. She just poured the whole thing into another glass. I again said that I wanted it chilled but served with out the ice so she put it in a shaker, shook it laughing, then got the strainer out and started to strain it but also started talking to the guy she did the shot with and forgot what she was doing and ended up pouring everything, including the ice back into my cup! Seriously????? Whatever. Then she walked back over to the guy and they proceeded to do one more shot. She thought everything was just hilarious. We left shortly after and I for one will not return.”

– Brailey, Michigan

If the bartender would not have been so rude, we would’ve stayed longer. And as slow as it was…they needed the business but blonde ruined that for SBB.”

– Marsha, North Carolina


SBB is a good name cuz it Sucks, no Bang for the Buck and it down right Blows.  Has to stop by the MinuteClinic on the way home to get a shot of PCN to make sure I didn’t bring anything home to the family.


Suck Bang Blow Myrtle Beach

Suck Bang Blow is a Myrtle Beach biker bar, restaurant and retail clothing store located in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. The Original Suck Bang Blow opened in 1996 and became a known motorcyclist and biker hangout for burnouts, great live music, hot girls, ice cold beer and mixed drinks. The SBB store sells men’s, women’s and children’s t-shirts, hats, helmets, patches, stickers and much more. The SBB restaurant offers delicious appetizers, entrees and desserts like chicken wings, burgers and other fried happy hour food. Live music consists of country music, metal, rock and roll, and pretty much every other genre.


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